You can do this. We can do this.

Believe in yourself and- most importantly- love yourself. The rest will follow.

Things aren’t always easy and they sure as hell don’t always make sense…but life is worth living. Find joy in something…anything…and you’ll begin to see a little more joy in everything.

Breathe in, breathe out…


Here’s to never, ever giving up…


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I hope you’re ready for a “wordy” post.

I sat down the other night with a pen in one hand and an empty notebook in the other and decided to just write. It’s something that I used to do all the time but haven’t even thought about in years. I wasn’t sure where I was headed but (I think) that’s the beauty of this sort of thing. As I read back through the sea of words, a small portion stood out as something I needed to share…


To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever really known “happiness”. I think the closest I came was my junior year in high school; I was carefree, in love (or so I thought) and headed towards my “dream career”. I’m pretty sure I was happy then…or maybe I’m just seeing the past through the beautiful filter of time. Who knows. What I do know is that, since then, happiness has always been a bright and shiny, enticing vision way in the distance. Something I thought I’d only feel after I cleared a few extra hurdles, made a change or two to my being, and reached a higher level of perfection that others admired.

I’m just going to jump to the point here and say that everything about that logic is crap.

When did happiness become a goal that we’re to spend our whole life endlessly trekking towards? When did it transform from a feeling into an achievement? Happiness [aka: bliss] comes from within. It comes from your state of mind and your appreciation of all the beautiful things you have right in front of you. Therefore, ‘building bliss’ is nothing more than allowing yourself to feel bliss. 

You ARE bliss. Every ounce of your being is bliss. Your smile, your laugh, your quirks, your passions…that’s where you find it. Not in a life you dream about– in the life you’re living.

I’m writing this as much for me as I am for you. I still struggle. I still feel pain and cry out in hopes of a life “better” than my own. I let insecurity get the best of me and fall into bad habits. I pick. I obsess. And sometimes I wish it would all just disappear.

But then a little light peeks its way into the dark abyss I’ve fallen into. I lift my head up, I smile and I get out of my own way. Then I remember that happiness is within reach…within me.

IMG_5387For anyone reading this, I hope you see the light. I hope you stop dwelling on what you wish your life looked like and embrace whatever it is right now. I hope you listen to your heart and make decisions based on the voices you find there, not in the world around you. I hope you love yourself…not because you have “potential” but because you’re unbelievable right. this. second.

Here’s to you, right now…

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Things are changing. Big time.

I still can’t really believe it. This type of change risk is so unlike me. It’s not safe or expected and nothing is guaranteed. They say that magic happens outside of your comfort zone and, man, am I out there. But I’m so, so excited. Details coming very soon. Promise.

For now, I just want to tell you to trust. Trust your gut, your heart, your journey…

Bliss is so freaking possible. Build it.

IMG_4989IMG_5165Here’s to trust…


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What do you dream of? What brings you bliss? What do you want your life to be?

Now, what are you waiting for? 

Why not now? Why not today?

Do it. Leap. You have wings; use them.

Here’s to being who we want to be…


It’s official, I’ve finally rediscovered my motivation and joy for life.

After living in the depths of a major “funk” for the past…year?…I feel like myself again. I WANT to smile again. Unlike before, I’m not writing about it here to convince myself, I legitimately feel okay.

I’ve been in the gym more over the past few weeks that I have in months. Not because I feel like I “need” to, but because I want to be there. It feels good to sweat and it’s inspiring to look around and see other people sweating too. The strength that comes out in a gym is unlike anything else.

IMG_5028So with that in mind, I wanted to share a little plyometric workout that I put together last week. I’ll admit, it doesn’t look intimidating but…lemme tell you…I may have died. The key is to push yourself, keep up the pace and only rest during the designated rest periods. Also, be sure to keep good form. If you aren’t sure about a certain exercise, feel free to google it or ask in the comments.


3 Rounds Each. 2 min. Rest Between Each Circuit. 

Am I the only one who can run on the treadmill or crank it out on the elliptical for 30 min. and be fine but die from 15 min. of plyometrics? I will never understand.

Last but not least, my friend Kaylee and I are putting together a little weekly workout program to get ready for summer! Our goal is to focus on the fun aspects of working out and let weight loss and toning up simply be a result of staying active and enjoying ourselves. Once a week, we’ll be getting together to explore different hikes around SoCal, try new types of exercise (hot yoga or pole dancing, maybe?) and laugh…a lot. Hey, that’s an ab workout, right? I’ll be sharing the whole journey here and also using Instagram hashtag so that you can join in and share your fitness bliss too! Stay tuned. :)

Here’s to a little extra sweat…


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Disclaimer: I am a certified personal trainer but, as with all workout programs, the ones I write may not be suitable for everyone. Please consult a doctor before beginning any new training regimes and if something hurts or feels uncomfortable, stop. 

Has anyone else noticed that “health” continues to constantly manifest itself into different extremes? I mean, we’ve all seen it and talked about it…thinspo, fitspo, orthexia, IIFYM, low-carb, all-carb (okay, so maybe the last one is only in my dreams…) but you get my point.

I’m the first to admit that I’ve fallen victim to the fads. I spent 3+ years obsessing over “good” vs. “bad” food and never letting a single processed morsel pass my lips. I tried counting macros, I attempted to incorporate fish and chicken into my diet (because “I must need meat to build muscle”…). Then I went clear to the other extreme and swore off eating super “healthy” like the plague because I was afraid of falling back into an obsession. Guess what? I felt even worse. Duh.

Two weeks ago I had a breakdown. I felt bloated and disgusted with myself for falling so far off of the track. To be blatantly honest, I felt like a failure. It took a night of crying, feeling sorry for myself and looking back with a critical eye on my last 5 years to realize that extremes were the problem all along.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to give up friends and boyfriends and delicious dinners with cocktails to be healthy. You don’t have to say “no” when someone offers you a cupcake BUT you also don’t have to eat 3 in one sitting to prove that you’re “free”. You don’t have to go out every night and drink just because that’s what everyone else is doing BUT you also don’t have to deprive yourself of a beer and pizza night every once in a while. It’s those extremes that are dangerous and it’s those extremes that have deprived me of true happiness and bliss for half a decade of my life.


After my breakdown, I sat down and created this ‘I’m Happy When…’ list:

  • I’m happy when I’m writing
  • I’m happy when I’m healthy
  • I’m happy when I have a body that I’m proud of
  • I’m happy when I balance alone time and social time
  • I’m happy when I’m active and exercise (in some form) daily
  • I’m happy when I surround myself with positive people
  • I’m happy when my life is organized
  • I’m happy when I’m working (no matter what the job might be)
  • I’m happy when I feel independent
  • I’m happy when I get dressed up for a night on the town
  • I’m happy when I sleep in and spend a day in sweats with no makeup
  • I’m happy when I fill my life with things that make me happy

Some of these things may sound contradictory but I think that’s the point; balance IS contradictory. Life is ever-changing. We’re ever-changing. That’s why it’s so unbelievably important to stay in-tune with the things that bring you joy, even if they’re different than they were yesterday.

Where does that leave me? Well, I’m still focusing on bringing healthy back into my life. I want to feel confident and proud of my body, inside and out and frankly, right now I don’t. Deep down, I’ve always aspired to be strong, lift heavy and truly push my limits in the gym. I want to see what I’m capable of! I’ve dipped my toes in so many areas of fitness but my mind has circled back to that one goal time and time again. So, I’m going for it. Will it be easy? Of course not. Stepping out of your comfort zone never is. But there isn’t an ounce of doubt in my mind that it will be worth it.


But don’t you worry, Build Your Bliss isn’t about to become just a “fitness blog”. I’ve got quite a few things up my sleeve and I’m ready as ever to write, create, be inspired and (hopefully) inspire a few people along the way. So, let’s do the damn thing.

Here’s to happy…


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